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The traditional cuisine of the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant is a diamond polished by experienced masters. Old recipes, taken from archives, letters and books, found new life at least two centuries after the oblivion. Thanks to consultants Olga and Pavel Syutkin, the Russian cuisine historians, the restaurant menu features a range of forgotten dishes. Finally, today guests can have a meal that the 19th century's middle class Muscovites used to enjoy. More

The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant represents the Russian cuisine of the mid- and late 19 century. The so called Kukhmisterskaya restaurants emerged in Moscow almost two centuries ago. They were most popular among the middle class representatives, or the bourgeois. The word 'Küchenmeister' came from German and referred to the restaurants' owners, the predecessors of the modern restaurateurs. Eventually, due to historical events, the bourgeois traditions were forgotten. The name of the class survived the time only as a metaphor.

While decorating the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant, the founders kept away from all the clichés of a traditional Russian lifestyle. No bears, balalaikas and bast shoes! The interior design takes the guests to the Russia of 17-19 centuries. Bright and recognizable motifs send the guests to the past, while the modern approach to the interior design builds a bridge to the future.The interior design was worked by Anna Muravina, a distinguished designer and decorator. In September 2016, her interior design for the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant received an International Property Award, one of the most prestigious international awards in residential and commercial real estate.

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On 25th of December at 12:30 the restaurant "Moskovskaya Kuhmisterskaya" invites young guests to the New Year party! Ded Moroz and Snegurochka from Great Ustyug will visit us on this day, playing and dancing with the children.  More

New Year’s Eve Party for Children

Here is our New Year offer from "Moskovskaya Kuhmisterskaya"! We invite you to celebrate the New Year business parties enjoying dishes from the Russian stove: juicy goose stuffed with cabbage and apples, a suckling pig with buckwheat, delicious baked duck, leg of lamb or delicate melting sterlet fish! Let's go together for the Christmas journey through the gastronomic Moscow of the 19th century!


New Year banquets in “Moskovskaya Kuhmisterskaya”

Every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6 pm “Moskovskaya Kuhmisterskaya" invites children to participate in a fascinating journey into the world of the 19th century Moscow. Times when the cobbled bridges were crossed by the horse-drawn carriages and ladies and gentlemen were strolling along the boulevards.


Children’s weekends at “Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya”

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Banquets Banquets

Creating masterpieces of fine cuisine is a daily routine for the pastry chefs of Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya. Besides the desserts of the basic menu, special celebration cakes can be ordered according to the client's personal taste. Our custom-tailored service guarantees the best result! Guests can order not only the cake's filling, but also various luxurious designs that will fit the theme of the celebration. Please contact the manager to learn what the pastry chefs of the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant have to offer.


The banquet menu of  Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya includes not only a la carte, but also special offers from the chef. The group dishes nicely decorate the table and serve as a unifying element for any celebration. A whole crispy roast pig, a grilled duck or goose, a leg of lamb or sterlet seem to come from an image of a fabulous feast. The restaurant is also a great choice for a standing reception. Our managers will help select sophisticated hot finger food that will be a perfect fit for any occasion.


The 1st floor of the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant recreates the simple feel of a 19th century city cafe. The original decoration combines modern design and traditional Russian patterns. Bar counters, counter tops and ceiling are decorated with motifs of Russian lace. Thanks to an open kitchen guests can observe how the chefs work, a wood stove bakes, and an old griddle roasts meat and vegetables. The hall on the first floor accommodates up to 50 guests in a banquet format.


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The second floor of the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant has a more intimate feel. It recreates an interior of an old mansion reception room. The floor can roughly be divided into three parts. The largest part is a common area with dark wooden tables and unique pendants. The area by the fireplace features low tables with comfortable armchairs. The third part is a VIP­ lounge under a hand-painted ceiling. It suits best for a true Russian feast for a group of 20-25 people. All the three areas can be combined in a single banquet zone. The 2nd floor seats at least 100 guests in a banquet format. The VIP lounge separated by portiere curtains accommodates up to 25 guests.

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Shop Shop

The restaurant walls are decorated with a collection of original plates designed by Oksana Lychagina. Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya has two types of decorative dishware. Ceramic plates created with motifs of ancient Russian mythological images, and glass plates with images of the iconic figures of the Russian history. The author's designs received great public acclaim at the Maison & Object interior exhibition in France.

The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya shop features sausages (kolbasa) made by the recipes of Russian mansions, particularly Muranovo's mansion. The meat specialties are cooked in the kitchen and the smoke house and then stored in a special room. Our chefs also make pork balyk and ox muscle. These dishes are marinated with spices before preparation and jerked, which gives them a very special flavor.

You had a great meal in the restaurant but were too full for a dessert? Don't worry! The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya shop offers various sweets by weight. You can take them home for a true Russian tea party. Here are our special sweets sold by weight: nougat, sesame halva, walnut-and-honey bars, candy made of dried fruits, pease meal fudge, and the traditional Russian dry Kiev preserve. The shop also boasts two types of marked cakes: the traditional cake with filling and the so called "kick-out" cake, the symbolic sweet that used to be served in the end of a celebration in Rus. It was divided like a chocolate bar and handed out to the guests to indicate the end of the party.

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