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The traditional cuisine of the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant is a diamond polished by experienced masters. Old recipes, taken from archives, letters and books, found new life at least two centuries after the oblivion. Thanks to consultants Olga and Pavel Syutkin, the Russian cuisine historians, the restaurant menu features a range of forgotten dishes. Finally, today guests can have a meal that the 19th century's middle class Muscovites used to enjoy. More

The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant represents the Russian cuisine of the mid- and late 19 century. The so called Kukhmisterskaya restaurants emerged in Moscow almost two centuries ago. They were most popular among the middle class representatives, or the bourgeois. The word 'Küchenmeister' came from German and referred to the restaurants' owners, the predecessors of the modern restaurateurs. Eventually, due to historical events, the bourgeois traditions were forgotten. The name of the class survived the time only as a metaphor.

While decorating the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant, the founders kept away from all the clichés of a traditional Russian lifestyle. No bears, balalaikas and bast shoes! The interior design takes the guests to the Russia of 17-19 centuries. Bright and recognizable motifs send the guests to the past, while the modern approach to the interior design builds a bridge to the future.The interior design was worked by Anna Muravina, a distinguished designer and decorator. In September 2016, her interior design for the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant received an International Property Award, one of the most prestigious international awards in residential and commercial real estate.

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