Children’s weekends at “Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya”
Children’s weekends at “Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya”

Every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6 pm “Moskovskaya Kuhmisterskaya" invites children to participate in a fascinating journey into the world of the 19th century Moscow. Times when the cobbled bridges were crossed by the horse-drawn carriages and ladies and gentlemen were strolling along the boulevards.

Children are invited to plunge into the atmosphere of this era, learn the history of different objects and, most importantly, learn to make things with their own hands. There are various themes from modelling clay to painting, from papier mache to creating dolls. By the way, after spending the energy on games and activities children can enjoy special kid’s menu that includes healthy dishes that will appeal to children. For example, chicken soup with noodles and giblets, meat pies and cabbage pies. A variety of salads as well as vinaigrettes and mayonnaises (predecessors of “Russian Salad Olivier"). Young guests will certainly enjoy old Russian style pelmeni: Kundyumi with mushrooms and buckwheat in broth or Ural style Shurubarki  (dumplings with meat). And, of course, the meal will not be complete without cutlets  "Pozharski" with magnet in shape of a number as a gift, steamed rabbit meatballs or Beef Stroganoff with mashed roasted potatoes. In “Moskovskaya Kuhmisterskaya”  children are always full and parents are happy!

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