The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant represents the Russian cuisine of the mid- and late 19 century. The so called Kukhmisterskaya restaurants emerged in Moscow almost two centuries ago. They were most popular among the middle class representatives, or the bourgeois. The word 'Küchenmeister' came from German and referred to the restaurants' owners, the predecessors of the modern restaurateurs. Eventually, due to historical events, the bourgeois traditions were forgotten. The name of the class survived the time only as a metaphor.

The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya team, assisted by Olga and Pavel Syutkin, the Russian cuisine historians, made every effort to recreate the true taste of the Tsarist Era. The menu is an encyclopedia of the excellent Russian cookery with now unfamiliar names.

The authenticity is everywhere: no rucola or Caesar salad. But what then? 100 versions of borsch? Fortunately, we have managed without cheap games with well-known recipes. Thanks to historical sources – cookery books, essays, letters and archived records – we were able to glean the original recipes. Finally, now there is a place in Moscow where you can try a pearl porridge that Peter the Great adored, true Pozharski cutlets that the Winter Palace residents used to enjoy, the original Shuvalov ukha with an imperial, and various other dishes. The great variety of Russian culinary masterpieces did not even fit into the ordinary menu sections. A usual division into soup, appetizers and salad sections was not enough, there is a number of new types of food combined into separate sections.

No need to worry about the unfamiliar names. Our waiters are true experts who can tell you about "mayonnaises", what a postavets is, why desserts can be "wet" and "dry" and how you can end the party by a special "kick-out" cake.

The restaurant's historical authenticity is not only the recipes. The food is prepared based on restored techniques: in wood stoves, on griddles and in the restaurant smoke house and cheese factory.

All the recipes of the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant are based on Russian products and a strong will to demonstrate the best of the Russian cuisine that we have almost lost for good.

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