While decorating the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant, the founders kept away from all the clichés of a traditional Russian lifestyle. No bears, balalaikas and bast shoes! The interior design takes the guests to the Russia of 17-19 centuries. Bright and recognizable motifs send the guests to the past, while the modern approach to the interior design builds a bridge to the future.The interior design was worked by Anna Muravina, a distinguished designer and decorator. In September 2016, her interior design for the Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant received an International Property Award, one of the most prestigious international awards in residential and commercial real estate.

The restaurant occupies a two-storey mansion on one of the oldest streets in Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya. The first floor of the restaurant recreates an atmosphere of a city cafe from the capital's past. Right by the entrance there is an open kitchen, a wood stove, a smoke-house and an old griddle.  Next stands the restaurant food shop. A spacious hall with large windows has tables for guests. There are some remarkable design elements on the first floor, including a chandelier with Russian dolls by the entrance, a ceiling, bar counter and open kitchen top decorated with Russian lace motifs, beams of 18th century wooden house that was disassembled and transported from Ryazan to Moscow. A surprise is awaiting the guests on their way to the second floor decorated in the style of an old mansion's reception room. As you walk between the stairwells, it seems like a volumetric elk is emerging on the wall. But there's no reason to stop, except for a quick photo. The atmosphere of the second floor is calmer and more intimate. The central hall meets the guests with original chandeliers, decorated in the style of Pavlov Posad shawls. At the windows there are candelabra with real samovars instead of base frames. Guests can relax in the comfortable armchairs at low tables by the fireplace. Natural wood is used in cold season to nurse the fire. A VIP lounge on the second floor is separated from the common area by high portières. The vaulted ceiling with sophisticated geometry was inspired by the Terem Palace of the Moscow Kremlin. The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya restaurant reminds of a picture painted with bright and recognizable strokes. The recreation of the past, without going into historical details too much, is mainly focused on what we can be proud of. The highlights of the Russian culture, the unconventional approach and the well-thought design help the guests to relax and proves that the past can look quite modern!

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