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The restaurant walls are decorated with a collection of original plates designed by Oksana Lychagina. Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya has two types of decorative dishware. Ceramic plates created with motifs of ancient Russian mythological images, and glass plates with images of the iconic figures of the Russian history. The author's designs received great public acclaim at the Maison & Object interior exhibition in France.

The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya shop features sausages (kolbasa) made by the recipes of Russian mansions, particularly Muranovo's mansion. The meat specialties are cooked in the kitchen and the smoke house and then stored in a special room. Our chefs also make pork balyk and ox muscle. These dishes are marinated with spices before preparation and jerked, which gives them a very special flavor.

You had a great meal in the restaurant but were too full for a dessert? Don't worry! The Moskovskaya Kukhmisterskaya shop offers various sweets by weight. You can take them home for a true Russian tea party. Here are our special sweets sold by weight: nougat, sesame halva, walnut-and-honey bars, candy made of dried fruits, pease meal fudge, and the traditional Russian dry Kiev preserve. The shop also boasts two types of marked cakes: the traditional cake with filling and the so called "kick-out" cake, the symbolic sweet that used to be served in the end of a celebration in Rus. It was divided like a chocolate bar and handed out to the guests to indicate the end of the party.

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